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For this superbang, I had the honor of illustrating Ecarian's amazing story Cross My Soul. It is utterly gorgeous and the concept of daemons is so well-executed, I only wish I'd had time to illustrate more from it.

Story link: Cross My Soul

Masterpost: here

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Due to work and illness etc etc I didn't finish everything that I wanted to, so hopefully over the next week I'll be adding a couple more things, both here and at my tumblr.

The Social Big Bang: Art

Along with chosenfire28 , I got to make art for parka_girl 's fascinating Inception crossover All I Need is Somebody Like You!


(I don't actually like how the border turned out, but I spent enough time on it that I'm posting it anyway. Here it is without the border:)


Sorry it took so long too get up; the last time my computer was this dysfunctional, I'd dropped it down a flight of stairs!

Megiddo Adventures

GMail is being a jerk, so I'm putting this here.

Aaah, I meant to do this ages ago. Take my precious

Okay this is Megiddo:

Megiddo map

A is where your bus will pull up. There's a little museum thing; I
don't know if you'll visit it. I didn't find it very interesting the
one time we went inside, but there's like a model I think.

You'll walk along a little path thing past B, which is where we
ate breakfast every day, more or less. Exciting!

Then you'll walk up the tel through C, which is where the
"Solomonic" chambered gates are. THESE ARE almost certainly NOT
Solomonic! They probably date to the following Omride period. So think
of Ahab and Jezebel while you're there. (Right before you go through
the gates, you might see a little trail off to the right side,
probably blocked off by a wire or fence. That was the way I went to my
dig area.)

The you'll walk by or through D, which is the first set of stables
and a palace that they're reconstructing. Prof Cline doesn't think the
palace is accurate; also it and the stables are from a different
period. Finally, they're building the reconstruction over half of an
enormous bronze age temple, so we won't be able to excavate it now.

I stuck the letter E kind of in the middle of Area J, where Oren,
Christine, and everyone else I knew dug. You'll know it because it's a
lot lower than most of the tel; they were digging Bronze age stuff
while the rest of us were on Iron. This area includes a huge round
stone altar. There's no evidence of human sacrifices, but many animal
sacrifices were carried out. Also in this area is the huge bronze age
temple partly obscured by the palace reconstruction I mentioned
earlier. This thing is HUGE; it's sometimes called the Megaron temple
after Greek temples. The most noticeable remnants, I think, are the
large black pillar bases. They're made of basalt, I think, which is
much harder than the other stone used in construction at Megiddo, so
their shape has survived very well. Also found here were flagstones
carved with animals, but they've been removed for preservation.

Then you'll go by other things, including probably a well and a
grain storage thing, but I don't really remember much there. I stuck
letter F in the second stables. There are some fairly tacky horse and
chariot sculptures here. Definitely take a picture on the chariot. The
stables have partially reconstructed. There are some inaccuracies, but
I don't really remember what they are. I think some of the troughs
have been put in backward (horses leave cribbing marks on the stone;
they should be on the inside of the troughs) and there's no good way
for the horses to get out? Also, the actual stables were more to the
right if you're facing them.

I think the entrance to the water tunnel is in this general area,
but I don't remember.

Fun! But, we have a problem. TOURISTS *NEVER* go by Area H, marked
cleverly on this map by the letter H. (Yes, I skipped G, what of it.)
If you can, go over and visit!

Area H

This is a better picture of Area H. I've marked some orienting
features that you might be able to see if you squint. The X's are
where I dug for the most part. I circled this awesome stone basin
that's jutting out of the wall. We built some stairs at the start of
the session in order to get into the dig area; I don't know if they're
still there. You might be able to walk down. Also, I don't know if
there'll be a tarp overhead. Probably not, but it's hard to say.

Don't you feel EDUCATED now? Also, keep an eye out for the smaller
hills surrounding the tel; those are all fill piles. A fragment of the
Epic of Gilgamesh was found in one of the fill piles over by Area J,
because Schumacher was a loser who didn't know how to excavate

ART: Apocabigbang

I had the privilege of doing art for tabaqui 's amazing Apocabigbang story, Comes to Dust. Go read it!

The artCollapse )

May. 3rd, 2008

I finally found the Gender Genie again, which sounds sort of like some sort of special genderswap thing, but NO. It is that handy little algorithm that analyzes a piece of writing and them tries to guess the gender of the writer.
In my girly, feelings-filled blog entries (THAT YOU WILL NEVER READ), I write like a girl. In my girly, feelings-filled fiction (THAT YOU WILL NEVER READ), I write like a girl. In my academic writing, I write like a man. I wonder if I'm just weird, if most professional writing is "manly," or if the algorithm is inherently biased and women struggle to do well professionally because the way they write is percieved to be unprofessional.

Apr. 28th, 2008

Microsoft Word 2007 is the program of SATAN and I want to kill it now. Its stupid little autoformater does not seem to realize that NO, IT IS NOT PSYCHIC. It doesn't know what I'm trying to to. WHY can't it just leave the formatting choices up to me?



Apr. 17th, 2008

Kelsey Green
17 April 2008
BUS 200
The Eighteenth Amendment

The Eighteenth Amendment, ratified in 1919, prohibited the manufacture, sale, or transportation of “intoxicating liquors” intended for consumption. All but one state ratified the amendment, and it was passed by a considerable majority in both the House and Senate. Despite this near consensus, the Eighteenth Amendment quickly gave rise to a lucrative and widespread trade and manufacture of illicit alcoholic beverages. Organized crime became pandemic, and it soon became apparent that the amendment was completely ineffective as the government was unable to effectively enforce the ban. In 1933, the Twenty-first Amendment was ratified, repealing the Eighteenth. No amendment before or since has ever been repealed.
With the widespread support Prohibition received, it is almost surprising how quickly the amendment failed, and suggests that many of the people who voted for it in Congress and in the state legislatures were either being hypocritical, short-sighted, or under the pressure of their temperance-supporting wives. Despite the failure of Prohibition, though, statistics suggest that the consumption of alcohol and the number of alcohol-related deaths decreased significantly during the time that liquor was prohibited. While few, if any, people today would suggest that the United States attempt to reinstate Prohibition, most people would agree that alcohol contributes to a great many problems in society, including automobile crashes and violence. Morally speaking, it is difficult to decide whether prohibiting liquor infringes on the rights of the individual or protects society. Practically speaking, there is no reasonable way to enforce a ban on alcohol. The US struggles enough as it is with drugs that are currently illegal; adding alcohol, a drug that is ingrained in American culture and society, would be nearly impossible. Even if there was an easy way to enforce Prohibition in America, would it be an ethical choice? While many other drugs are prohibited, and alcohol can be very dangerous if consumed immoderately, the United States is almost unique among Western nations in its struggle with alcohol. Because Americans, particularly young Americans, often view alcohol as something of a forbidden fruit, there is a tendency to both fear it and seek it out. Thus, when alcohol is obtained, people are more likely to consume it in an irresponsible manner. Perhaps if the forces that brought about the Eighteenth Amendment had not had such a hold on American society, Americans today would have a healthier relationship with alcohol. Generally speaking, it is easier to act intelligently when a person is knowledgeable about a subject. Illegalization of alcohol only encourages misinformation and ignorance.

Mar. 3rd, 2008

OMG, the little writer's block thing prompts: What was the last thing you were grounded for? I have never been grounded. Ever. Hah. Either that means my parents are too permissive, I'm too perfect, or I have no social life and no spine. Or really, any mix of the above. Once mum got really mad at me for being up when she'd already sent me to bed, but that wasn't grounding. Wow. I feel so naive, innocent, and unworldly. Note the clever use of Oxford comma. It makes me feel better about myself.

Feb. 16th, 2008

Seriously, HOW MANY inadvertent Supernatural and/or J2 references can Dad work into a single dinner table conversation? It was ridiculous. Seriously. Well, I suppose it's not unlikely, seeing as the show is based in American mythology, but. Still.

I tried to make castle icons, but they looked like they might have been on crack. So they will stay off the internet. Too bad the icons I made that actually looked NICE disappeared when the computer spontaneously rebooted itself, or something.

I've been really bored lately. And no one answers my texts anymore. Which makes Kelsey a very emo person. Complete with emo tears. Not really.

Seriously, WHY is my icon always so appropriate? And 'sulky' is NOT a mood option.

Feb. 5th, 2008

I know Bethany wanted a castle icon. Maybe later. This is what I felt like making.
...I wish the text worked out better.

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